Adventurers and explorers

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Explorers Un document interessant et utilisable avec les plus jeunes, notamment sur Christophe Colomb. (avec du son),_Christopher/

Adventurers Dans les guides du site de Newsround, voici une animation sur Ellen MacArthur.,6260,589096,00.html Dans le moteur de recherche, taper "explorers", il est possible de trouver differents histoires (Fossett)


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Explorers Sur le site BBC history, voici une liste de biographies. Une animation sur la navigation et sur James Cook. Discover the story of Captain James Cook through the outstanding collections of the British Library linked with material held in institutions such as the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in the North East of England.

Also sound and animations: Women explorers

Adventurers Document sur Rosie Stancer, première femme à atteindre le pôle nord et le pôle sud. Interview sonore téléchargeable sur la page. Site très complet avec audio sur le mystère de la disparition de George Mallory et Andrew Irvine en 1924. Dossier sur l'expédition à la recherche de leurs traces. , sur le même site, voices from the past (son)
Orcs, goblins and cave trolls are all in a day's work for Mark Roberts, whose job is "turning ordinary people into heroes".
Serious Arctic reports
At Easter in 2004 eight young explorers headed into the depths of the Arctic, where they sledged across ice floes, worked with huskies, set up camp and survived in temperatures well below freezing. Once there, they helped in conservation work to protect the polar bear.
During the expedition the explorers sent back video reports, which were transmitted on CBBC via satellite each weekday of the expedition. Here you can watch their reports. Two young British adventurers ( Everest + Pole to Pole )


Cinema : analyse du film "Stanley and Livingstone" de Henry King dans lequel on entend le fameux dialogue

  • Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
  • Yes! Henry M. Stanley:
  • Thank God, Doctor, I have been permitted to see you.