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Sound & Video : A blank outline map of Canada. : An interactive map. : An interactive game to learn about the different parts of Canada. : The geography of Canada. : Information and games : A complete look at Canada from some American pupils' points of view. lots of ressources Canada Day Crafts for Kids : Links for learning about Canada. Candian governement A to Z Everything you need to know about the geography, the economy and the people of Canada. : Lots of information here. : A BBC guide to Canada. : Find out about famous Canadians here. A popular sport in Canada. + (educational resources) Environmental issues in the north of Canada. Killing of Seal pups. Quebec's 400th anniversary.

Aboriginals (The First Nation Profiles Interactive Map) "I am Canadian" advert. : Online exhibits, games, images and video. : Canada’s Portrait gallery. Online exhibitions and talking portraits celebrating Canada’s diversity. Things to do in Ottawa + Canada's National Day Newfoundland and Labrador - Top Attractions  Newfoundland and Labrador - Nature and Wildlife Newfoundland and Labrador - Travel Guide

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