Food and Drinks.

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Vocabulary: the matching squares. : Hangman game with food and drink.

Fun activities: : Lots of worksheets to be found on this site (Find: food). : (search: food).

Traditional British food:

Healthy eating, several food files: Eating problems, obesity, food allergy, healthy living:

Food at school: : All about vegetarians. podcast : How to cook food

Recipes: : Click on recipes (at the top) or on delicious photos (on the left). There are videos too (click on chef videos). : Click on cooking and then recipe collections or recipe video of the day.

Games: : What's good for you and what's not? : A quiz. : A quiz on cheese.

Other Academies:

Books, films and Art: : Extracts from books written by Chaucer, Hemingway, Rilke… and dealing with food.
Beautiful paintings. : Use of food in the film 'Groundhog Day'. It's fascinating how food or drinks in that film reflect the plot or the feelings and goals of the characters .

How the World Eats.,28804,1628191_1626317_1626671-2,00.html: A series of excellent articles from Time magazine with superb photos showing how specific families from different continents feed themselves. : Tea time at the Ritz! : British Egg Marketing Board Crossword or "the importance of doing crosswords at breakfast". : British Egg Marketing Board : The Average Englishman or "the importance of having eggs for breakfast". British Egg Marketing Board : Violin. : Counting Calories or the importance of a slimming diet. : - School Food Trust - Thanks For New School Meals .






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