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Slumdog Millionaire An English primary school proposes information about India for young children. Lots of information for the younger learner here. A video about Diwali.

Facts about India's history, geography and culture. Fact file/ sightseeing / history timeline. Lots of different information. A bit of history. Symbols, wildlife, maps, clothing, religion . CO Reading and video activities here on the history and culture of India. The history, mystery and diversity of India. : This site talks about children living in Britain who are from all over the world including India. Find out about their customs and religious traditions. :India's holi festival. Diwali (Hindu festival). The art of Indian mime. : Poems : Video recipes. : What is Bollywood?

India's independence. India's 60 years of independence

India and Pakistan. India & Pakistan in pictures. A country profile of India. A summary of the history of India with sound and video. Lots of videos to be found here about Gandhi India looks into the problem of climate change. Links to India newspapers (in English). : The official website of the Ministry of Tourism.

Ministry of Tourism promotional videos: how India promotes itself.


Slumdog Millionaire : videos The trailer. Filmmaker Danny Boyle on filming in India. Danny Boyle on Destiny. : Danny Boyle on child actors.



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