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Vocabulary & fun activities: : Listen and learn words about sport. : Olympic sports vocabulary : Sports colouring pages . : Lots of sports vocab learning activities. Fun ideas.

The Olympic games: : All about the sports involved in the Winter and Summer games. : Website for the 2010 Winter games in Vancouver. : Information on the different sports and games. : This BBC page has a host of information. : London 2012. : London Olympics logo and other information. : How it all started! : International Paralympic Committee

Other sports: : "Find more about.." leads you to information about different sports. : Health, anatomy and physical performance! : Extreme sports. : David Beckham's football academy. : Why become a referee? Useful for working on the preterite. : Advice for parents whose children practise a sport. : What is the Haka? (official website)The Commonwealth Games

Drugs and performances

Sports rules:  : A comprehensive list of Olympic sports rules : See "sport" and "laws and equipment" and also find a lot of information and interesting video footage.

Virtual exhibition with sound, texts and images

Sound : : Listening activity; guess the sport! :What's their favourite sport? : What sport does Leonard like? : Hockey and other sports  Recordings 110 to 114 (surf) 

Video: : Videos about the Olympics. : Videos about sport in the world. : Videos about the Olympic games in China.  (A2) and  (A2/B1)  and   (B2: Jemma and long distance running and London Olympics) :The Haka. : The Haka explained.

Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008) : Humble Mountain Man: a song by Trillion. : National Geographic videos,go to “people and places” then type in “Edmund Hillary”


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