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 Wildlife: : A children's guide to animal conservation. : Zoological Society of London

British Council: and

Helping the environment:

  • Games on recycling:


. : Learn about the plight of endangered animals around the world. : read about animals, their habitat and conservation status. National Wildlife Federation World Wildlife Fund

Helping the environment: : Quiz on rainforests. : General information. : The damage we're causing and helpful tips to save the planet. : Environment Intelligence Unit; an interactive way to learn how to help our planet. : Articles from "Newsround". : An article about a wind farm. : Text , pictures and sound, Irish accent. : Posters. : Lots of information here. : Everything you need to know here about what's happening to our planet. : Our planet in danger. Greenpeace

http:// Friends of the earth Teacher resources about energy and sustainable development National Geographic

http:// Intergovernmental panel on climate change

Fair trade:

A definition: : Short articles on what is fair trade and on the lives of a few farmers victim of unfair trade.


Miscellanies: sources sectionénes par la BBC : UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, division for sustainable development : Uk agency for sustainable development : Sustainable development & energy ressources. Ecological footprint calculator Sustainable Energy Week

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Energy options:
Animals in zoos:  and
Sea turtles:
Endangered gorillas:

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Sustainable development

Endangered species


SOYLENT GREEN de Richard Fleisher (1973) Le script du film. La bande-annonce. : Le film. : La séquence de la Symphonie Pastorale. : L'analyse du film en anglais.

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